W. H. Taft Residences - AMENITIES

Building Facilities

  • 100% Wi-Fi Enabled Building
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System for All Units
  • Overhead Water Tank and Underground Cistern for Ample Water Supply
  • Standby Power Generator for Selected Common Areas
  • Building Administration / Security Office
  • Multi-level Parking High Grand Residential Lobby with Reception
  • Two High-Speed, Interior Finished Passenger Elevators
  • One Service Elevator
  • Security Command Center
  • Commercial / Retail Establishments

If you’re going to get a condominium unit to be your home away from home, you might as well choose one that has a quality set of amenities. This will help make your living conditions better and provide an upgrade to your living experience. Otherwise, getting any other residential unit without the necessary amenities will just feel so boring and mundane. Thankfully, W.H. Residences has placed a lot of thought in including several amenities that will surely entice you.

Your safety is very important when you opt to make this condominium property your residence. Since all your belongings and valuables are stored in your unit, it’s only logical to place an importance to their security whenever you’re in school or in your workplace. You don’t even have to worry because W.H. Residences uses a network of several CCTV cameras in crucial areas of this condominium. There are some placed in entry points, and there are security cameras installed in each floor of this 30-storey condominium tower to monitor all sorts of suspicious activity.

Along with these CCTV cameras, W.H. Residences have certain measures to keep you safe from any fire hazard. This property is littered with numerous alarms and water sprinklers to prevent any fire from spreading or causing any damage to you or your valuables. In this way, you can be assured whenever you’re away or you’re resting after a hard day’s work.

Those with cars are also in for a treat with the presence of a multi-level parking facility in this property. You no longer need to park your car in dangerous places around this area and pay exuberant fees. This facility provides a safe space for your car from criminals and the elements, eliminating one more worry from your mind.

Water is such an important resource in a residence. In this condominium property, you don’t need to worry about an insufficient supply of water. W.H. Residences has a dedicated water tank and distribution system to each residential unit. This amenity ensures a continuance to your daily tasks and everyday needs with the help of this vital commodity.

Of course, residential unit owners need a reason to relax and unwind from all the stress in the world. Sure, they can spend time outside of this property to find some sort of recreation. The good thing is, they can stay within the premises of W.H. Residences to have fun. This is made possible with the availability of a swimming pool for unit owners to use. Anyone can have a quick dip anytime they want without going to the beach and spending a lot of money.

Life in the middle of a busy area doesn’t need to be problematic. It needs to be conducive to your growth and eventual success in school or in work. That’s the reason these amenities and safety measures exist in W.H. Residences. All they’re meant to do is make your lifestyle a tad better than what you’re used to so you can focus on your studies or professional career.

  • Function / Multi-Purpose Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Deck
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